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Trash rack cleaning

Ossberger is also specialized in the construction of both stationary and moveable trash rack cleaning systems. They are indispensable for a safe and long-term electricity production of hydropower plants. The systems clean protective screens of water supplies from washed up debris, ensuring a maximum flow rate in the turbine. The systems are quick and easy to install, particularly reliable and only require low drive power. They are a profitable investment for any size of hydropower station, paying off after a short time already. 

Operating range of automatic trash rack cleaning systems


Application examples



Philippines » Pulangi

moveable rope driven trash rack cleaner with conveyor (RRS-f)

Year of construction:2014

Screen width:5000 mm

Screen length:3600 mm

Screen inclination:76°

Switzerland » Nuolen

Hydraulic trash rack cleaner, stationary, with rinsing channel (RRH2)

Year of construction:2004

Screen width:4800 mm

Screen length:1600 mm

Belgium » Lanaye

moveable hydraulic trash rack cleaner with conveyor (RRH3-f)

Year of construction:2015

Screen width:3800 mm

Screen length:5490 mm

Screen inclination:75°

Germany » Municipal Utilities Melsungen

2 hydraulic trash rack cleaners (RRH2)

Year of construction:2014

Screen width:4400 mm

Screen length:2935 mm

Screen inclination:66°

India » Khatima

Hydraulic trash rack cleaner with flap bottom container (RRH2-f)

Year of construction:2015

Screen width:4100 mm

Screen length:3810 mm

Screen inclination:75°





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