Post-processing for industrial 3D printing

Automatable solutions for unpacking, de-powdering and cleaning

Rework creates the bottleneck for the industrial use of additive manufacturing (AM).

Our solutions start here. They

  • protect your employees and the machine by keeping it dust-free.
  • produce a high, reproducible part quality.
  • require little energy and space. They also dispense with compressed air and auxiliary process materials such as cleaning agents or blasting material.
  • create a high throughput.
  • can be automated completely.

With our post-processing solutions, the bottleneck is taken out of the production chain, with an efficient increase of productivity at constant quality.

Within more or less two decades we developed an extraordinary know-how in the field of mechanic dry and wet cleaning. Production companies of most different branches rely on us worldwide: from small companies to large-sized international corporations.

The efficiency of the FINISH core process

Advantages and features

  • Unpacking of build containers
  • Unstacking and separation of workpieces
  • Sieving and recycling of polymer powder
  • Gentle workpiece logistics

EOS - leading technology provider in industrial 3D printing

Intelligent end-to-end solutions for additive manufacturing

"We do not offer the customers individual products but integrated solutions and rely on a comprehensive, diverse and quality-oriented ecosystem with strong partners.

With OSSBERGER we have found an innovative partner for post-processing and look forward to a successful and long-term cooperation."


Marcus Andrä

Product Line Manager Polymer Periphery Products


sls 3D printer from EOS

Leading supplier of additive manufacturing

Process optimization for additive manufacturing

"In order to offer our customers in the field of additive manufacturing a higher level of efficiency while maintaining the same component quality, a higher degree of automation is also necessary in post-processing.

OSSBERGER has developed an excellent solution to meet these requirements, especially for small parts and larger quantities. In addition, the powder handling is automated and thus also made safer."


Markus Schrittwieser

Production manager 3D print / R&D

1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co. KG

1st phase: Unpacking

Powder recycling circulation

The build container with workpieces, embedded in powder, is transferred to the machine. The container is emptied layer by layer, the workpieces are unpacked and unstacked under gentle vibration. 

The powder is sieved antistatically and stored in an internal tank for further use.

2nd phase: Dry cleaning & de-powdering

Mechanical cleaning without external media

Unpacked workpieces are mechanically cleaned in dry condition, using vibration and air flow. 

As far as possible, the workpieces are freed from powder, to allow a registration of workpiece contours and characteristics. 

Workpieces and powder are not treated with media, and therefore remain free from contamination. 


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