Plattform LINE

Revolution in der Inline-Reinigung

Unser Anspruch ist es, Dinge neu zu denken. Das hat in der Oberflächentechnik zu einem Verfahren geführt, das ebenso effizient wie einfach ist. Der Coli-Cleaner ist die Lösung für linienintegrierte Reinigung auf dem Markt.


Plattform FINISH

Postprocessing für Additive Manufacturing

Mit unseren Lösungen bieten wir der industriellen additiven Fertigung automatische Nacharbeitungsprozesse zum Auspacken und Entpulvern von 3D-gedruckten Polymerteilen. 




We have the procedure. The OSSBERGER Coli-Cleaner is much faster, more efficient and less polluting than the procedures offered by our competitors. All model types only require one meter of space, clean within the production cycle and allow for the direct processing of the parts. In addition, the Coli-Cleaner scores with high availability, very short set-up times, low resource consumption and a short payback period.

Direct processing

The Coli-Cleaner focuses on vibration and fluid mechanics in the field of parts cleaning.
This is how heat, water or chemical cleaning agents can be avoided to a great extent. A reduced and more efficient usage of resources is the result, but also a high tolerance towards a varying pollutant load and thus a high reproducibility of the final outcome. Getting neither warm nor wet, the parts have room temperature and are dry - which allows for a direct processing without cooling lines. Cycle times of only a few seconds are the Coli-Cleaner's standard.


100 percent automatable

The Coli-Cleaner technique focuses on the consistent implementation of an idea in tailor-made accordance with the pollution and the desired cleaning result. Starting from the basic solution, special requests can easily be realized. The Coli-Cleaner inline cleaning is 100 percent automatable, avoids the complicated or manual parts transport, goods carriers as well as material stocks and provides exceptional results. 


The core process of the Coli-Cleaner. 

The parts to be cleaned are put into vibration. The vibration causes solving forces to work on the solid and liquid pollution stuck to the pieces. The freed particles are extracted by air suction and can be recycled. The work pieces get cleaned all around as the vibration puts them in a kind of floating condition, thus avoiding contact areas.

The vibration affects the entire work piece surface eliminating the influence of cavities difficult to access. The procedure excels in an extremely low usage of energy ensuring thus a very short payback period. The dry cleaning easily fulfils the requirements of most industrial production processes. 


The Coli-Cleaner combination process 

For higher requirements related to the purity of the working parts, the dry cleaning gets combined with a wet chemical process. Even the thinnest oil film can thus be removed from the work piece which can then be sent to the next production step free of grease. The Coli-Cleaner process is applied before and after the wet chemical cleaning. Very long bath service lives can thus be achieved, the availability of the production increased and a constant cleaning quality guaranteed. With the help of the Coli-Cleaner, there is no need for heat in the subsequent drying, and the previously applied cleaning agent can be recycled. The floating condition enables a complete rinsing and drying of the work piece. This allows for the parts to be wetted with a constant film thickness according to customer requirements.

Application examples

In the past decade, the Coli-Cleaner got very well established in the market. After the integration in existing lines, the OSSBERGER Surface Technology becomes increasingly installed in new lines by default. Our international customers range from medium-sized companies to international conglomerates. The Coli-Cleaner is used for the intermediate as well as for the final cleaning in the Industry-4.0-Automotive Production.

Development and innovation

The development in the field of Surface Technology focuses on new applications for the reliable wetting of parts. Due to the perfect cooperation between vibration technology and fluid mechanics, liquid films can be applied to the work piece being for example thin enough for a susequent automatic work piece measurement to take place, with a precision of a few micrometers.

Did you know...

that the humming bird, which served as a model for our "Coli-Cleaner", is the fastest vertebrate of the world in relation to its size? It can start with ten times the acceleration of gravity. Its rapid wing beat allows for that. The humming bird flaps 40 to 50 times per second. The world's smallest bird inspired us to develop a revolutionary cleaning technique. A technique that simply rocks off the dirt, if you will.